Welcome Future Sabres!

Watch the videos to learn about what Sandwich Secondary School and each department has to offer! Please email the Department Heads with any questions.
Explore the virtual classrooms for more photos and videos including former Sabres Danielle Wade and Kylie Masse

Welcome from Principal Reid and Vice Principals LePage-Kljajic and Hamzeh

Download Grade 9 Registration Forms

Please download, print, and sign all the required forms in the registration package. The packages are to be returned on Monday February 7 to Thursday February 17. Make sure to follow the instructions in the package as to where it will be returned. If you have any questions, please contact Student Services at Sandwich SS.

Student Services at Sandwich

email the guidance department

Meet Mr. Mongeau and learn about Guidance and Student Services

Arts at Sandwich

Meet Mr. Valentino and learn about the Arts Department

Explore the Music Room and find Sabre Art, Drama, and Music projects

Business Studies at Sandwich

Meet Ms. Katt and learn about the Business Studies Department
Explore a Business Studies Classroom

Canadian & World Studies at Sandwich

email the world studies department

Meet Mr. Johns and learn about the Canadian & World Studies Department

Explore a Canadian & World Studies Classroom

English at Sandwich

email the english department
Meet Ms. Howlett and learn about the English Department
Explore an English Classroom

Humanities and Social Sciences at Sandwich

Meet Ms. Kavanaugh and learn about the Humanities and Social Sciences Department

Explore the Family Studies Room

Mathematics & Computer Science at Sandwich

email the mathematics department
Meet Ms. Ryan and learn about the Math and Computer Science Department

Explore a Math Classroom

Modern Languages at Sandwich

Meet Mme. Jobin and learn about the Modern Languages Department

See our Modern Languages Students and Student Work

Physical Education at Sandwich

Email the physical education department
Meet Mr. Sanders and learn about the Health and Physical Education Department
Explore the Gym

Science at Sandwich

Email the Science Department

Meet Ms. Murphy and learn about the Science Department

Explore the Science Lab

Technological Studies at Sandwich

Email the Tech Department
Meet Mr. Awad and learn about the Technological Studies Department
Explore the Robotics Lab
Explore the Wood Shop
Explore the Metal Shop

Learning Support at Sandwich

Email Learning Support
Meet Ms. Bondy – Learning Support Teacher

Co-operative Education & Specialist High Skills Majors at Sandwich

Reaching Ahead

About CO-OP, SHSM, and OYAP

SHSM – Business

SHSM – Construction

SHSM – Manufacturing